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156 Lessons (Audio and Notes)

The Things We Most Surely Believe

Luke 1:1


A Faith Worth Having

Luke 1:1-4


Silence from God Is Anything but Golden

Luke 1:5-12


Upside Down Wisdom

Luke 1:13-17


The Peril of Unbelief

Luke 1:18-25


Heaven on Earth

Luke 1:26-33


God of the Impossible

Luke 1:34-38


Communion around Uncommon Grace

Luke 1:39-45


When the Holy Lifts the Lowly One

Luke 1:46-55


The Mouth of a Skeptic Opened

Luke 1:57-66


Serve God Without Fear

Luke 1:67-80


History is His Story

Luke 2:1-7


From Hiding in Fear to Speaking with Confidence

Luke 2:8-20


Christ Fulfilled It: I Faith It

Luke 2:21-24


Valuing the Best Things in Life

Luke 2:25-30


The Hope of the World

Luke 2:31-32


Appointed for the Rise and Fall of Many

Luke 2:33-35


Growing Old and Getting Better

Luke 2:36-38


My Father’s Business

Luke 2:41-51


The Luke 2:52 Principle

Luke 2:52


What Has Caesar to do with Jesus?

Luke 3:1-6


Good Preaching

Luke 3:7-14


Genuine Preachers

Luke 3:15-20


In You I am Well-Pleased

Luke 3:21-22


Jesus is Proud to Call You His Own

Luke 3:23-38


Tempted As We Are (Part I)

Luke 4:1-4


Tempted As We Are (Part II)

Luke 4:5-8


Tempted As We Are (Part III)

Luke 4:9-13


“And He Opened the Book” God’s Word and Life Transformed

Luke 4:14-22


The Many…and the Only

Luke 4:23-30


“What Message Is This?”

Luke 4:31-37


Kingdom Focused

Luke 4:38-44


Gone in 60 Minutes

Luke 5:1-11


Weak and Wounded Sinner, Come!

Luke 5:12-16


Faith it and Jesus Sees it

Luke 5:17-25


The Paradox Box

Luke 5:26


How Far Forgiveness?

Luke 5:27-32


New Wine in Old Skins: The Impossibility of Mixing Religious Traditions and Christ’s Grace

Luke 5:33-39


True Rest

Luke 6:1-5


Restoration and Rage

Luke 6:6-11


Standing on a Level Place

Luke 6:12-19


Happiness is an Inside Job

Luke 6:20-23


Curses Disguised as Comfort

Luke 6:24-26


Plain Talk about My Enemies

Luke 6:27-28


Plain Talk about My Personal Rights

Luke 6:29-31


Plain Talk about My Future



Plain Talk about Listening to the Right People

Luke 6:39-45


Plain Talk about Doing What Jesus Says

Luke 6:46-49


Amazing to Jesus



Learning to Love God’s No



Are You the One?

Luke 7:18-23


From Good to Great

Luke 7:24-30


This Generation

Luke 7:31-35


The Sinner and Jesus: Prophet, to Priest, to My King

Luke 7:36-39


Brokenness and the Two Debtors

Luke 7:40-50


Ministering Women

Luke 8:1-3


The Sower, the Seed, and the Soils

Luke 8:4-15


A Light Hidden Becomes a Life Wasted

Luke 8:16-21


Where is Your Faith?

Luke 8:22-25


We’re Seen in the Gadarene

Luke 8:26-36


Spiritual Depression

Luke 8:26-36


Waiting, Weeping, Wondering

Luke 8:49-56


Ambassadors for the King

Luke 9:1-6


Dream Big for with God Nothing is Impossible

Luke 9:7-17


The Crazy but Effective Way to Turn Your Now

Luke 9:18-27


A Taste of Heaven

Luke 9:28-36


Jesus Is the God of the Mountains

Luke 9:37-43a


Jesus Is Delivered for Me

Luke 9:43b-45


Jesus Is My Relationship Coach

Luke 9:46-50


Jesus Is Love the Way Love Is

Luke 9:51-56


Jesus Is the One Thing Above All Things



Jesus Is Coming

Luke 10:1-7


Jesus Is Just in Judgement

Luke 10:8-16


Jesus Is Both Sovereign and Savior




Luke 10:21-24


Jesus Is the Good Samaritan

Luke 10:25-37


Jesus Is the One in Charge of the People I Love

Luke 10:38-42


Jesus Is the One Who Teaches Us How to Pray

Luke 11:1-4


Jesus Is the Deliverer of the Desperate

Luke 11:5-8


Jesus Is Encouraging Us to Ask

Luke 11:9-13


Jesus Is Lord Over All

Luke 11:14-20


The Strong Man Must Be Dislodged

Luke 11:21-23


Reform Without Christ is a Bad Thing

Luke 11:24-26


Believing Without Seeing

Luke 11:27-32


Why Following Christ Isn’t the Choice of Everyone

Luke 11:33-36


The Danger of Self-Righteousness

Luke 11:37-44


The Key to Transformational Teaching

Luke 11:45-54


The Gospel Experienced Personally and Declared Boldly

Luke 12:1-7


The One Sin that Will Not Be Forgiven

Luke 12:8-12


Be On Your Guard Against Every Form of Greed

Luke 12:13-21


Stop Worrying

Luke 12:22-30


Getting My Priorities in Order

Luke 12:31


Don’t Be Afraid

Luke 12:32-40


A Tale of Two Servants

Luke 12:41-48


Straitened by Suffering

Luke 12:49-50


Luke 12:50-53


Don’t Be a Dumb Smart Person

Luke 12:54-59


Good Fortune is No Sign of God’s Favor

Luke 13:1-5


Barron No More

Luke 13:6-9


Broken and Healed

Luke 13:10-17


Grace Wins



Are There Just a Few Who Are Being Saved?

Luke 13:22-24


Strive to Enter through the Narrow Door

Luke 13:24-30


A Face of Flint in the Face of Fright

Luke 13:31-35


He Took Hold of Him, He Healed Him, and He Sent Him Way

Luke 14:1-6


God Exalts the Humble, but He Brings Down the Proud

Luke 14:7-11


Loving Others to Receive Love is Self-Love

Luke 14:12-15


Compelled to Come

Luke 14:16-24


Willing to March into Hell for a Heavenly Cause

Luke 14:25-33


A Christian Without Commitment is Like Salt Without Savor

Luke 14:34-35


This Man Receives Sinners

Luke 15:1-7


Plain Talk about My Personal Rights

Luke 6:29-31


Plain Talk about My Personal Rights

Luke 6:29-31


Plain Talk about My Personal Rights

Luke 6:29-31


Plain Talk about My Personal Rights

Luke 6:29-31


Plain Talk about My Personal Rights

Luke 6:29-31


Plain Talk about My Personal Rights

Luke 6:29-31


Plain Talk about My Personal Rights

Luke 6:29-31


Plain Talk about My Personal Rights

Luke 6:29-31