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Redeemed and Restored

*12 Lessons – Verse by Verse

Wade Burleson

An Unlikely Bride

Ruth 1:1-5


Don’t Just Love, Be Loveable

Ruth 1:6-8


Journeys that Leave Us Empty

Ruth 1:19-22


By Chance or By Providence?

Ruth 2:1-7


The Love of a Kinsman

Ruth 2:8-16


Gleaning Satisfaction

Rush 2:17-23


All That You Say I Will Do

Ruth 3:1-5


A Cry for Mercy Always Answered

Ruth 3:6-13


Your Kinsman Redeemer at Work

Ruth 3:14-18


The Meaning of Redemption

Ruth 4:1-8


The One Born in Bethlehem

Ruth 4:9-15


The Genealogy of the Messiah

Rush 4:16-22