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The Integrity of God

Lesson 6: When the Clock Strikes Midnight: Signs of a Reprobate Heart 

Romans 1:22-28

Lesson 7: “I Don’t Know, and I Don’t Care”: The Awful Condition of a Reprobate

Romans 8:28-32

Lesson 8: Blind Eyes: Perceiving Ourselves Better than Others

Romans 2:1-4

Lesson 9: Giving It Your Best Shot: Why Nobody Can Measure Up

Romans 2:5-11

Lesson 10: The Impossible Possibility: “Earning God’s Favor by My Activity”

Romans 2:12-16

Lesson 11: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!: “When Holy People Find Out They’re Not Holy”

Romans 2:17-29

Lesson 16: Why Spiritual Boasting is Excluded for the Believer

Romans 3:27-31

Lesson 23: Walking with God the Way I Started Walking with God

Romans 4:19-22

Lesson 27: The Cross: The Demonstration of God’s Love

Romans 5:6-9

Lesson 59: Four Reasons Why a Christian Can’t Lose His Salvation

Romans 8:34

Lesson 86: A Joyful Life Regardless of One’s Circumstances

Romans 12:12

Lesson 93: The Difference Between Justification and Justice

Romans 13:4-7

Lesson 97: Removing the Fear of Heaven: “Will Christians Stand Before the Judgment Seat?”

Romans 14:10-12

Lesson 108: Risking Your Neck for the Cause of Christ

Romans 16:3-5a

Lesson 123: The Greatest Mystery You’ll Ever Solve

Romans 16:25-26