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When Relationships Crumble

There’s a New Way to Think About Relationships

Wade and Rachelle Burleson, Co-Teachers

A Mind that Thinks “Never Worthy; Always Loved”


A Mind that Thinks “Never Desiring; Always Chosen”


A Mind that Thinks “Never Perfect; Always Embraced”


A Mind that Thinks “Never Seeking; Always Pursued”


A Mind that Thinks “Never Finishing; Always Completed”


A Mouth that Talks to People, Not About People


A Mouth that Moves Intentionally, Not Rashly


A Mouth that Builds, Not Destroys

James 3:3-12


A Mouth that Speaks Gently, Not Harshly

Proverbs 15:1; Proverbs 25:15


Speaking for Others’ Good, Not My Gain

Psalm 5:8-10


Eyes that See the Best in People

Matthew 22:34-40


Eyes that Cover the Sins of People

I Peter 4:8


Eyes that Avoid the Lust for People

Philippians 4:19


Eyes that Focus on the Needs of People

Galations 6:1-2


Eyes that Open to the Frailty of People

Philippians 4:5


Ears that Hear the Words of Christ

Matthew 17:1-8


Ears that are Deaf to the Lies of This World

John 8:42-44


Ears that Are Sensitive to the Hurts of People


Ears that Really Hear the Truth of Your Identity



Ears that Turn Conversations Toward Grace and Never Burn