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The Two Covenants


Lesson 1 – An Introduction

There are differences between God’s old agreement with Israel and His New Covenant with those who rely on Christ, the true Israel.

Lesson 2 – The Spirit of Bondage and the Spirit of Freedom

The Old Covenant demanded perfect obedience for God’s blessing. The New Covenant brings “Yes, and Amen” (sure) blessings via trust in Jesus Christ’s perfect obedience. 


Lesson 3 – A Two-Act Play

New Testament writers believed the Hebrew Scriptures were foundational to understanding the New Covenant.


Lesson 4 – Five Important Truths

Five fundamental truths are the basis for the New Covenant where God favors sinners who trust the person and work of the Messiah.


Lesson 5 – Remember Christ!

Everything in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) points to the Messiah and the Covenant of Law which He fulfilled for His people.

Play 5: Remember Christ!

by Wade Burleson | The Two Covenants

Lesson 6 – New Covenant Believers and National Israel

Christians make the mistake of blindly defending the nation of Israel by not seeing that ancient Israel points this world to the Messiah.

Lesson 7 – Detailed Examinations of Covenant Theologies

Christians systemize the differences between the Two Covenants into various systematic theologies detailed in this lesson.

Lesson 8 – Jesus, the Center of It All

Jesus is on every page of the Hebrew Scriptures and He is revealed in the New Covenant Scriptures as the Center of It All.

Play 8: Jesus, the Center of It All

by Wade Burleson | The Two Covenants

Lesson 9 – The Destruction of Heaven and Earth

God established a covenant with the nation of Israel at Sinai, and when that covenant ended, the LORD “destroyed heaven and earth.”

Play 9: The Destruction of Heaven and Earth

by Wade Burleson | The Two Covenants

Lesson 10 – Witnessing in the New Covenant

Sharing the Good News in these New Covenant Days.

Play 10: Witnessing in the New Covenant

by Wade Burleson | The Two Covenants

Lesson 11 – Defining Sin in the New Covenant

The concept of sin in the Hebrew Scriptures required five different Hebrew words to define. In the New Covenant, sin is unbelief.

Lesson 12 – A Review

These lessons on The Two Covenants are mind-blowing for some, and a review of where we’ve been in this Two Covenant series is due.


Lesson 13 – The Intimacy of Worship

YHWH as “Papa” in the New Covenant is the greatest blessing.


Lesson 14 – Men and Women Equal

In the New Covenant, the Spirit’s gifts are never gender qualified.


Lesson 15 – Outside the Camp

As you begin comprehending the New Covenant, you’ll go after the least, the littlest, and the lost – those “outside the camp.”


Lesson 16 – Our Sabbath Rest

The Sabbath was extremely important in the Old Agreement. So too, learning to “rest in Christ” in the New Covenant is LIFE.